It’s been a long time—years in fact—since I last updated my website. Despite the relative silence during that time on my part, a lot happened.

A new design

Without a doubt, the previous design was dated. It was crafted just before HTML5 and responsive design became main–stream. This new design is simple. It’s purpose is to let the reader focus on the content, and nothing more. There are still some major pieces of functionality I’d like to add, and a number of ideas I want to experiment with.

Updated software

In truth, I abandoned my old publishing system. I meant to keep it up–to–date, and see it evolve over time. However, that just wasn’t the case. My new system uses some code from the old one, but for the most part, it is brand new. As a result, I’ll be publishing a new tutorial on building a, ‘contact’, form using Rails 4 (ETA ).

HTTPS is becoming more and more popular. Soon, it will even have a role in search rankings. I attended a fantastic talk at Google I/O 2014 which inspired me to start making the switch. My entire site can now be browsed securely, and it will eventually become the default (I just need to work out a few bugs first).

Everything else

A lot happened in the last few years. Academia continues to be my life. In the time that passed, I earned both a certificate and diploma in computer systems technology. The next 3 to 4 years of my life are in pursuit of a degree. My interests are with computer science, but I’m studying towards a degree in geomatics. A multi–disciplined education is more interesting to me (and more useful in general).

It’s safe to expect more updates from now on. There’ll be a ramp–up period as I work on content to publish. I’m not sure how often a new post will be up, and I don’t want to commit to an unrealstic schedule. So for now, I’ll just let things happen as they will.